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Labs team projects that emerge into startup companies incubate in our Startup Loft.

Our latest startup in the loft emerged out of INCISENT Labs’ Project Selfridge. Project Selfridge is developing search technologies based on a sophisticated data platform capable of transforming consumer shopping experiences.

MAX Digital

Born out of INCISENT Labs and launched as a company in 2011, MAX Digital powers the transformation of the car shopping process.

Today, MAX Digital works with BMW USA and over 1,500 dealership retailers across the United States. It was recently recognized as the #3 fastest-growing software companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine in its 2014 Inc. 500 rankings. Learn more.


FirstLook brought the power of WalMart’s secret to its success – sophisticated retail analytics to the largest and most inefficient retail vertical – retail automotive. In 2008, FirstLook’s dramatic growth earned the rank of #4 fastest-growing software company in the Inc. 500 rankings.

Chicago Founders TV

Chicago Founders TVWith Chicago Founders TV, INCISENT Labs brings Chicago’s leading tech entrepreneurs to the Web to learn about their successes, challenges and advice in the start-up world.

Our headlining show, “Chicago Founders’ Stories”, showcases exclusive interviews designed to get behind the headlines of each entrepreneur’s story and break down their successes and challenges. Now, others can gain deep insights on critical topics such as Solving for Product-Market Fit, Making Two-Sided Networks and Marketplaces Work, Getting Funded, Creating the Right Team and more. The series is filmed live at 1871, Chicago’s digital startup hub.

Check out full episodes on ChicagoFounders.tv or some great clips on Pat Ryan’s blog, Cooler by the LakeRead more and see who we’ve talked to.