Video: The Story Behind Siri: Founders’ Stories Video of Dag Kittlaus

Siri Founder, Dag Kittlaus shared the highlights and lessons of Siri’s remarkable journey at our February Chicago Founders’ Stories @ 1871. We had another sold out crowd join us @ 1871 for pizza, beer, and to hear Dag’s incredible story of creating Siri and working with Apple.

This is the sixth installment of Founders’ Stories. If you would like to check out the prior events, you can see them here: Braintree Founder Bryan Johnson, Open Table Founder Chuck Templeton, Grub Hub Founders Matt Maloney and Mike Evans, Belly Founder Logan LaHive, or Context Media Founders Rishi and Shradha.

Dag became one of the leading thinkers on mobile computing by becoming obsessed with the telecom and mobile phone revolutions in the mid-1990s. Dag read everything he could find on the topics, met with people on the cutting edge, eventually securing a position at Norway’s leading telecom company and later at Motorola where he led cutting edge mobile projects. By the time he started Siri, Dag had already spent thousands of hours immersed in mobile businesses, creating strong Founder-Market Fit.

In 2008, Dag became an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at SRI where he began working on Siri. Together with his co-founders, Dag pitched Siri as the “Do Engine”, the virtual personal assistant that has changed the future for mobile technology.

My INCISENT Labs teammates and I have really enjoyed partnering and sponsoring the past six Chicago Founders’ Stories @ 1871. Since the event sold out we recorded it and are putting it online for those who couldn’t make it. We broke up the hour into seven segments for easier viewing.

In the first segment, Dag shares the beginning of his entrepreneurial experience and he explains how he got into the tech industry without an engineering background.

In the second segment, Dag discusses how he left Chicago and moved to Norway when he was hired by a top technical company at the time as a technology expert. Later, Dag was recruited by a telecommunications company called Telenor on the cusp of huge mobile technology breakthroughs in Europe.

In this third segment, covers Dag’s transition back to America and his time at Motorola where he almost built the initial Android. Yes, he almost worked on Android before he worked on the iPhone.

In this segment, Pat and Dag discuss Dag’s experience as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at SRI, where he met his co-founders and started Siri.

For Dag the most important skill an entrepreneur can learn storytelling and in this segment Dag discusses how he learned this skill and how it helped him pitch Siri as the “Do engine” and in turn, find the funds to start Siri.

In the sixth segment, Dag shared what it was like to meet and work Steve Jobs and work with Apple.

In the final segment, audience members get to ask Dag questions.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with Dag Kittlaus, and look forward to our next upcoming Chicago Founders’ Stories @1871.