We launched MAX Digital in late 2010 to power the transformation of the car shopping process. Like many consumers we’d had negative car buying experiences and weren’t shocked to learn that only 8% of Americans say they trust car salesmen, the lowest trust of any profession. At the same time cars are important to people, they are typically the largest or second largest purchase consumers make and most consumers spend hundreds of hours per year in their cars.


Since state franchise laws ensure car dealerships are the only businesses that can legally sell cars, we realized that transforming the way consumers buy cars must involve transforming the way dealerships market and sell cars. Fortunately, we have been able to connect with innovative dealers who share our passion for reinventing automotive retail marketing and retailing.

Why are we uniquely positioned to succeed?

We are experts in the way consumers shop for cars
Since its founding MAX has undertaken annual research on the consumer buying process including unique and proprietary approaches not typically found in existing automotive research. This work has yielded dramatic insights which are responsible for the remarkable success of our product innovations.

We understand how automotive retail works and why
While we aren’t car guys who worked in car dealerships, our first company, FirstLook, transformed the inventory management, pricing and procurement processes for auto dealerships by introducing sophisticated yet easy to use analytics. FirstLook was recognized as the #4 fastest growing software company in Inc. Magazine’s 2008 Inc. 500 rankings (the highest ranking every achieved by a Chicago based software company).

We are experts in automotive data
Our work at FirstLook required us to become experts in the byzantine world of automotive data. We have built on this foundation in creating MAX and bring tens of years of expertise in this challenging but critical capability.

We have world class engineering
Our Austin based product teams are made up of top tier engineers leveraging powerful new big data tools like Hadoop.

We have great traction, even in these early days
While Cloud Software companies often experience slower early ramp ups than other tech companies, MAX is already in over 1,500 dealership franchises across the United States and has grown revenue faster than FirstLook’s award winning growth.

We are one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the U.S.
MAX Digital was recently recognized as one of the fastest-growing software companies in the U.S. by Inc. magazine in its 2014 Inc. 500 rankings.

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