Design Team Planning for a New Project

Labs team projects that emerge into startup companies incubate in our Startup Loft.

Our latest startup in the studio emerged out of INCISENT Labs’ Project Selfridge. Project Selfridge is developing search technologies based on a sophisticated data platform capable of transforming consumer shopping experiences.

We are developing these cutting edge technologies out of the convergence of our deep work in vertical data in combination with unique consumer insights developed through ethnographic and “Jobs to be Done” research (pioneered by Innovator’s Solution Author Clay Christensen).

Why join our team?

  • Our Founder and CEO, Pat Ryan, has a long track record of building successful startups, including the #1 fastest growing company in Chicago in the 2014 Inc 500 rankings (#3 in software in the US), MAX Digital.
  • We are leveraging powerful intellectual property developed by INCISENT Labs, providing a powerful technological advantage and head start.
  • We have an elite team built around key players from earlier INCISENT Labs successes.
  • We are fully funded with a seed round of $2.5 million completed.
  • The Startup Loft is a cool space, creating an environment that is highly conducive to high impact, innovative work.